TechFan 308 – It cost more, but it’s worth it

Macstock Expo is two weeks out, and Tim and David give an update on sponsors and more. Google has a adware problem, iOS has a bloat problem, the Transformers have a quality problem, and the iPhone turns 10! All that, and how many of you remember TCR Racing?

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Google Play is fighting an uphill battle
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One thought on “TechFan 308 – It cost more, but it’s worth it

  1. Hey Tim and David,

    As I type this I am in my hotel room at Disneyworld with a thunderstorm outside. Owen had talked about his experience here several episodes ago and I wanted to comment on what he said. One thing that I remember him saying was how every attraction relies on screens now versus animatronics. This is only partially true. The old attractions still have the old animatronic figures and remain “screenless.” For example, the Peter Pam ride is as it was when it started. Other attractions rely on a combination of the two. A Buzz Lightyear ride has no screen during the ride, however a talking buzz through the line has a face that is all digital. Some shows are all video while others are live action. Where new technology mixes with the old it works and makes for a better experience. It allows the attraction to be updated simply by changing a video rather than an entire figure or setting. I don’t think it is as bad as Owen made it out to be.

    On another note. I have noticed that Apple devices are everywhere. iPads are used in stores and checkin counters for hotels. iPhones are being used to scan Magicbands (another amazing piece of technology that unlocks your room, becomes you wallet, and more!) to connect photos to your account. Literally everywhere you turn.

    Well, time to get some rest for another hot day in the Florida sun tomorrow!

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