TechFan 280 – Mac Users 20 Years Ago

Collecting older Aluminum Macs and a new Retro Challenge begins! Also, Tim looks at a knock-off Nike band for his Apple Watch, a portable Sega Genesis system, and we go back two decades to find out what was on the mind of the average Mac user.

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email page My Mac #20, Dec. 1996

TechFan #141 – Eyeing the Future

David has an eye problem, Tim wonders what combo of over the counter drugs are safe, a bad Microphone makes recording difficult, and they both discuss almost ten years of Podcasting, with a special interview at the end of the show with ex-CEO of Apple Gil Amelio.

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Pre-Macworld Expo, iPhone Audio Recording – Episode 15

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David and Tim discuss the upcoming Macworld Expo 2011 and plans on how we will record podcasts from the showroom floor. Tim from TechFan and Guy from MyMac will be on the main stage on Saturday, January 29, and will we be broadcast via Macworld Live at 12PM PST. Also, Apple released sales figures from Q1 2011, and while we don’t really go into the money, we do look at these figures to gauge the interest in the Tech world.

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