TechFan 416 – Keep it Positive

Tim and David try and keep it positive this week as we discuss file management  and updating app on the iPhone. Primal, Terminator Dark Fate, and the new Star Wars trailer is discussed. All that, plus a hidden C64 application is found on a Christian Rock album from 1984. Wait, what?

35 Year-Old C64 Easter Egg Hidden On Vinyl
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TechFan Episode 403 – Back Up Terry

China forces Android users to install Malware, used Nest Cam issues, Samsung suggests users virus scan their TVs, and Tim reviews the Sony SRS-XB32. 

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Buyer Beware: Used Nest Cams Can Let People Spy on You
Sony SRS-XB32 Extra Bass
Court says Amazon could be liable for third-party vendors’ products
Samsung TVs should be regularly virus-checked, the company says

TechFan Episode 402 – Ive had enough

Jony Ive leaving Apple is our main topic today, and we also talk about the new DropBox, ID Software TV show, and updates to the Macstock Conference this coming July 27-28! Don’t forget that you can hang with Tim and David at the Galloping Ghost Arcade on July 26 at noon to kick off Macstock! 

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id Software’s origin story set to become USA Network TV series

TechFan 392 – Millennium

Tim and David discuss electric shavers, Spielberg making news once again, Boeing’s huge 737 Max problem, more on self check-out lanes, and the Millennium Falcon takes center stage in our WikiTrolling section! 

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Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 pilots ‘could not stop nosedive’
Spielberg proposal to ban streaming from Oscars may be illegal
Millennium Falcon via Wikipedia

TechFan 389 – Srulling Around

Warren wants to break up Apple, Google, Facebook, and maybe even TechFan! Amazon cracks down on counterfeit sellers, the Galaxy S10 is easily spoofed, and Friendster is our focus on Wikitrolling. Plus David and Tim discuss Captain Marvel. 

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Amazon ousted thousands of merchants with no notice
‘Captain Marvel’ Review Bombing:  Rotten Tomatoes Removes Toxic “Reviews”
The Galaxy S10’s face unlock fooled by pictures, siblings
Friendster via Wikipedia

TechFan 388 – The Shack

Big video game companies screw up (shocker), Steven Spielberg yells at the clouds, Thunderbolt 3 desecrates itself by becoming USB4, and Tim and David look at RadioShack thanks to Steve Stavisky. 

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Mad March at  OWC!

Thunderbolt 3 becomes USB4
Sony begins refunding Anthem purchases
Three hours after allying with 8chan, THQ Nordic goes into full apology mode
RadioShack via Wikipedia