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The TechFan Podcast was created by Tim Robertson. Tim had been the founder of the MyMac Podcast in 2004, hosting and producing the show for 269 episodes. In December 2009. During his tenure there, Tim had a variety of co-hosts, including Chad Perry, Guy Serle, and David Cohen.

Tim left the MyMac Podcast to create, produce, and host the show “OWC Radio” for Other World Computing. A hit from the first episode, Tim hosted that show for 42 episodes, leaving in September 2010. (He took a job as COO of MacSpecialist, an Apple Specialist in Chicago, and there was a conflict of interest.)

The passion for podcasting did not leave. Rather than return to the MyMac Podcast, which he still owns, Tim decided to leave that show in the more than capable hands of current hosts Guy and Gaz. (The GMen!)

In September 2010, just a week after leaving OWC Radio, Tim launched his latest podcast, TechFan (Technology Fan). Tim invited his former co-host from MyMac, David Cohen, to join him on the new show, and the pair have not looked back!

TechFan enjoys listeners from the world over. Tim is based out of Michigan, USA, while David is in Manchester, England. They two host the show via Skype currently, and welcome feedback at tim@mymac.com or davidcohen@mymac.com.

TechFan is part of the StopLight Network!

AppMinute is an independent podcast owned by MyMac Productions, LLC. For advertising opportunities, please email us.


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  1. Tim, thanks for suggesting TechFan to me earlier today. I like the subject matter and the back and forth style of yourself and your Manchester partner. I could not steer the spouse towards the Highlander. Best wishes for the podcast. Maybe do a show on the evolution of technology as it attempts to overcome the pace of the collective stupidity of the human race.

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