TechFan 388 – The Shack

Big video game companies screw up (shocker), Steven Spielberg yells at the clouds, Thunderbolt 3 desecrates itself by becoming USB4, and Tim and David look at RadioShack thanks to Steve Stavisky. 

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Mad March at  OWC!

Thunderbolt 3 becomes USB4
Sony begins refunding Anthem purchases
Three hours after allying with 8chan, THQ Nordic goes into full apology mode
RadioShack via Wikipedia

TechFan 385 – Berry Good

Tim has been brought down by a virus (biological, not computer!) so David is here alone this week. After followup about FaceBook, AT&T and Apple’s enterprise developer programme he discusses Eero’s acquisition, stupid TV hosts, iPhone SE rubbish and BlackBerry is the wiki trolling topic this week.

Sprint sues AT&T over 5G branding

FaceBook anti-trust problems in Germany

Amazon acquires Eero

Abuse of Apple’s “Enterprise” apps

Stupid Fox News host

Dumb iPhone SE uses

Wikitrolling – BlackBerry Ltd

TechFan 379 – iPhone Slow Down

Apple announces lower than expected iPhone sales, and blames China, tariffs, and cheap iPhone battery replacement. Tim and David take an entire episode deep dive to look at the problems.

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Apple’s Biggest Problem? My Mom
Apple knows the age of yearly iPhone upgrades is over
NYNE Punch Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers 
OWC Acquires Akitio – Maker of Premium External Storage Products

TechFan 378 – 2018

Tim and David look back on the big tech stories of 2018, including Cryptocurrencies, Facebook, Fortnite, Elon Musk, Disney takes Fox, while Comcast takes Sky, IBM buying Red Hat, the passing of Paul Allen, and Google.

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OWC’s Annual Area of 51 Sale!
Metro Vacuum ED500P DataVac

TechFan Episode 377 – Better Gifts Than You Got

Tim almost blinds himself, while David remembers getting his eye burned out. What gadget should you buy? We have ideas for you! Plus Soulja Boy is a bonehead, more deployable Samsung antics, Apple iOS 10.1.2 is bricking connections, and our favorite gifts from childhood. 

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Links: – OWC Drive Dock
Soulja Boy now sells his own (sketchy) video game consoles
Apple iOS 12.1.2 Has A Serious Problem
Instant Pot
Harry Potter Wand Coding Kit
Fire HD 8 Tablet
Epson Perfection V39 Color Photo & Document Scanner 
Toy found!