TechFan 484 – Facial Issues

David and Tim discuss the end days of Waze, facial recognition and MSG kicking people out of shows, moving away from Apple Music, and the Mac Pro problem Apple has. 

One thought on “TechFan 484 – Facial Issues

  1. Hey guys,

    Two things from the episode.

    First, as far as Tim platting downloaded music on the phone. Why can’t you go to Library and then Downloaded? That should let you play music downloaded to your phone.

    Now to Google Maps and Apple Maps. As I type this I am on a road trip to Pittsburgh. (I’m not driving at the moment if you were wondering) It’s actually a stopover for a trip tomorrow to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but that is off topic.

    On the way we hit a dead stop. Apple
    Maps added two hours to our arrival
    Time. Google Maps didn’t change the arrival time at all. Eventually it did and it slowly went up adding about thirty minutes to the arrival. In the end we finally got through after about an hour and neither app was correct. Once we did get through the arrival times adjusted and we’re within five minutes of each other. A big mess.

    By the way we are still 20 minutes out from or destination. A four hour drive has become over 6 with the traffic and several stops along the way.

    On the

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