TechFan #242 – Apple Software Quality


Dan Lizette from The Podcast Digest and Owen Rubin join Tim Robertson to discuss 5G networks, copyrighting the law, gravitational waves, and our main topic, the perception that Apple software is on the decline in quality.

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The Podcast Digest
LA Times story: Column Apple takes its eye off the ball: Why Apple fans are really coming to hate Apple software
Online legal publishers squabble over the right to copyright the law
AT&T to start testing 5G networks this year:


1 thought on “TechFan #242 – Apple Software Quality

  1. I’m listening to the podcast and talking in my head on everything you are saying and have to comment.

    My feeling on the problem at Apple, and many other companies, is that they are doing too much and have stopped focusing on what they do best. Why, if the rumors are true, does Apple have to start producing video content like Netflix? I think there is this pressure that never used to be there to do what everyone else is doing or get left behind. When Apple was “small” and not as popular as they are now they could take their time and make everything perfect. Now there is this pressure from stock holders, the press, and many more competitors to constantly make changes and do what everyone else is doing or be left behind. This has caused them to lose focus in some aspects and I don’t know if they can slow down like they used to, but they can stop entering other fields like tv and movie production.

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