One thought on “TechFan 290 – Surface and iPad

  1. Hey guys,

    As I was listening to you talk about the iPad Pro in this episode I started thinking they need to differentiate the Pro with an OSX mode, or something to that effect. Of, course as I thought it I heard David say something similar seconds later ( great minds think alike!).

    Anyway, I would love to make an iPad my primary computer but can’t yet. Part of this is the inability to run Xcode for creating apps and the inability to run iTunes Producer for uploading books to the iBookstore. There are more reasons, but these are biggies. With the current state of iOS I don’t see the way I use Xcode, for example, becoming usable on the iPad. For example, to make stickers I drag and drop images into Xcode. I can’t do that on the iPad right now. Even having a touch version of OSX would seem clunky. There needs to be some type of in between system. I don’t know what that is or how it would work, but I agree with David that the iPad Pro should have more Pro features and abilities besides speed and the ability to use an Apple Pencil.

    Until that happens I, and many others, will always have the need for a Mac.

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