BatMac – Episode #93

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BatMac is no more. Listen to the harrowing story of a MacBook Pro’s last few minutes of life. Tim’s iPhone also attempts a swan dive in an Ikea parking lot to put the Zero Chroma Teatro-S case to the test. Plus, Tim and David look at the iPhone 5 and all-new iPod Nano.

iPhone 5
iPod Nano
Zero Chroma Teatro-S

One thought on “BatMac – Episode #93

  1. Hello Tim and David, poor batmac may it rest in peace curious to see what you do with the new mac. Something I just thought I would mention and see if you had come across it where my sister lives the Apple maps app is in black and white wondered if it was just there lives in Kent, England? I am very pleased with iOS 6 mind you I didn’t expect miracles but what it does it does well except passbook which here in the uk only supports one app at present but thats not a major issue for me and will get better in time my opinion.

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