Because We Podcast
Episode #78

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Tim Robertson and David Cohen discuss David’s week-long love affair with his Greece Stomach Virus, the iHome Genuine Fit Case for the iPad, HP and the Enyo team, SpaceX, Airfoil, Facebook stock, the confusing state of PSP games on the PSVita, and the wonderful Because We May sale. Wow, what a long sentence!

Because We May

1 thought on “Because We Podcast
Episode #78

  1. Hello Tim and David, I for one want to go into space so i’m with Tim come on those lottery numbers. I actually have airfoil for iOS and the mac I like it great apps but if they have broken the rules Apple have then they shouldn’t be surprised to be pulled out the app store (I got my apps from the rogue amoeba website) or act like they have done nothing wrong when they clearly have from sounds of it. As far as the Facebook shares go people should be more patient look at what happened with Apple shares for an example the shares go up and down or down then up its how the market works you just got to decide when to cash in your shares.

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