Fired Up – TechFan Podcast #123

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Tim gets fired up about the XBOX 180. David gets his hands on a Windows 8 tablet after a horror story about Dell. Tim picks up a new Pioneer car stereo, Downcast is discussed, new shows in the Stoplight Network, iOS 7 and hands on experience, and how Staples ripped off some friends of Tim’s and how he made it right.

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1 thought on “Fired Up – TechFan Podcast #123

  1. As the host of The Mac Gist I’d like to say you pronounced our show name wrong! It is The Mac \ˈjist\. But I’ll let it slide this time!

    I’d also like to say that I was I guess one of the only people who didn’t care about Xbox’s DRM. I pre-ordered the One day one and didn’t cancel it.

    I feel like while having a system check in ever 24 hours would suck there could be a lot of benefits to it. Look at steam, you have to have an internet connection to play your games and people don’t seem to care. In face they LOVE steam.

    I also really love the voice features of kinect and the new TV stuff is awesome.

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