Picnic – Episode #91

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Wrong is wrong, and it’s time to call theft, well, theft. Dishonesty is not rewarded. Tim and David discuss Samsung and the institutional theft that goes on there. Later the topic changes to Field Runners 2 and the all-new Activision Anthology app for iOS.
Activision Anthology
Field Runners 2

1 thought on “Picnic – Episode #91

  1. Hello Tim and David, well I got to say I agree with you about Samsung I’m just amazed they got away with it for so long but glad its been brought to lights after all Apple isn’t the first company Samsung has done this to and I don’t think it will be the last going by their apparent business model. I like the old games and when they appear on modern devices i’m always curious to see how they do it some are great and other remind why I’m glad that those games went away and we have what we do now. I liked the picnic idea I did that most of the summer when I went to visit my nieces and nephew and would take them to the beach to do it as they love the sea and sand.

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