Potter-rific – Episode #75

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We owe Samsung an apology! And a firm finger-shaking Shame On YOU to RIM. In iOS new is RockBand, Robot Wants Kitty, and Lego Harry Potter Years 5 – 7. We wrap things up with the Kindle Fire. It all seems to be Mobile this week!

2 thoughts on “Potter-rific – Episode #75

  1. Hello Tim and David, I really like the show have been listening for awhile I for one would like to see someone make a decent competitor to the ipad for simple reason so Apple don’t sit on their butts thinking oh we don’t need to do anything here its so great. At the moment none of the tablets seem up to the challenge I thought maybe the kindle fire might be but seeing as its only in the us after all this time it can’t have done that well I think. I will have to try the ios games you mentioned they seemed interesting i’m going to be poor! And RIM well what can I say other than WHY??? for the love of all things!!! Keep up the great show.

  2. Thanks, Peter. I agree with you, I want more choice in tablets. Call me picky or greedy, but when there is one great product, and a bunch of has-beens, it’s not much of a choice. I do like the Fire, but that’s not the answer. I still think if Amazon made a 10′ and focused on games for it, it could be a winner. Probably never happen 🙂

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