TechFan #211 – iCade and Keyboards

Tim finishes (kinda) the mini Arcade! David has an Apple Watch waiting for him to open! Google IO is going on, and keyboards, Amazon shipping, Facebook, and much more are all topics of discussion on this episode of TechFan!

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Retrobrite base product – hair lightening cream

Frank Lombaer – Episode 46

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Senior Engineer Frank Lombaer joins Tim Robertson for a terrific chat. The topics include video games from yesteryear, today, and tomorrow, keyboards, how Frank became a tech fan, the future of technology, and how one becomes a Macintosh Senior Engineer. And that, officially, is the longest sentence I have written in months!

The David Guy – Episode 32

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Mice, keyboards, and scanners, oh my. Tim and David discuss the lack of good keyboards, and what Tim has on his desk that may be the best keyboard ever made. Sick of changing batteries in your Magic Mouse? We have a solution for that as well. And how close are we really to a paperless office or home?

Customizer 104/105
The Magic Charger for the Magic Mouse