TechFan #171 – CGI

Tim and David announce the winners of the Feral Interactive LEGO Marvel Super Heroes giveaway! If you have ever thought of Podcasting, this is the episode to listen to as Tim discusses what the Stoplight Network is, the different types of shows there, and how he want’s to see YOU podcasting. FotoMagico 4 by Boinx Software, Amazon’s $126 million dollar loss, OS X Yosemite, and CGI in movies round out the topics on this episode of TechFan!

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FotoMagico 4 by Boinx Software
Stoplight Network
Feral Interactive

One thought on “TechFan #171 – CGI

  1. I downloaded Overcast and bought the in=app purchase. It’s a very good first effort, but it still has some limits. It won’t replace Downcast for me for quite a while if ever. I do love its main features, stripping out silence and volume boost (I listen quite often on loud city streets and too quiet podcasts drive me nuts.

    It isn’t a universal app (it runs on 2X on an iPad), It doesn’t (ans apparently won’t) support video. As far as I can tell, it doesn’t support password protected podcasts (I work on a couple of those and listen to others). The directory either is smaller than others or slower to update – a friend’s new podcast wasn’t found when it could be searched for in iTunes and Downcast, but it showed up a day later. Also, one last quirk. Podcasts beginning with “The” get alphabetized under T – my English teacher mother would be spinning in her grave.

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