TechFan #201 – On A Shelf

Tim and David look at the new MacBook. David is more enamored with it than Tim is, which leads to a nice conversation. Tim get’s a nice compliment from one of his favorite authors and does not let it go to his head AT ALL. And in the product spotlight, the PowerGistics 8 Shelf Desktop Tower is featured.

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One thought on “TechFan #201 – On A Shelf

  1. On the tangential subject of acents, I think Renee Zellwegger did a very good british accent in Bridget Jones. Hugh Laurie fooled me until a saw an interview. Andrew Lincoln I knew because of Love Actually, which brings me to the other side of the coin. Hugh Grant can’t do an american accent to save his life, it was even a recurring joke in a movie called Mikey Blue Eyes. Also, young Obi Wan himself Ewan McGregor tries sometimes and by the end of the movie forgets he was supposed to play an american. Sorry, not only am I a geek, but also a movie nerd, and I love the british accent (though not David’s or Gaz’s, they’re terrible faking the accent) even though sometimes I have to put english subtitles because I can’t understand a word they are saying.

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