TechFan #233 – Jacked Up

Tim brings up the rumor of Apple abandoning the headphone jack on the next iPhone and goes off on the idea. Metal roofs are also discussed, as well as Konami getting egg on their face, the Wolsen portable gaming console, a broken Xbox 360, the disappointing sales of the new Halo and Star Wars Battlefront games, and much more.

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WOLSEN 2.5″ LCD Portable Game Console Speaker
Konami blocked Metal Gear creator from accepting award


One thought on “TechFan #233 – Jacked Up

  1. I just finished listening to your rant on Apple killing the 3.5mm audio jack. You are the first podcaster to express my frustration. I listen to a lot of podcasts and most are supportive of the removal. Why? If you don’t need the jack, don’t use it but leave it for those of us who have a need for it. I am a headphone aficionado and a frequent poster at Although I have decent Bluetooth headphones, I still want to be able to plug in my better headphones. Also, I’m not sure how this would effect listening on a plane (is Bluetooth acceptable on a flight). A dongle would be very inconvenient. Seriously, shaving a little thickness is just not needed, especially at the expense of this necessary jack.
    BTW, I am your neighbor. I live in Augusta, MI so it’s nice to hear a local guy. Your OWC radio is always interesting too and has introduced me to new authors, podcasters, and more. Thanks!

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