TechFan #248 – 16GB?

Tim and David discuss the Apple event this week, and one of them is really unhappy with Apple still marketing a 16GB iPhone. Also discussed is the iPad Pro, the passing of Andy Grove, and… PeeWee Herman?

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2 thoughts on “TechFan #248 – 16GB?

  1. Have to agree with David on the 16gb argument. My parents just got their first iPhone, smartphone for that matter, this year. I had them get the 16gb models because I knew that would be enough for them. They use them for email, texting, a small amount of music, and a few apps. Sometimes they take pics. For them it is fine and completely usable. Would 32gb be better? Sure, but they did not want to spend another $100 per phone for 64gb, and this is fine for them. They have had 16gb iPads for several years too and they are fine.

    I suspect most people will see they can get 4x the amount of memory for $100 more and do that and I suspect it happens much more than it would with a 32gb base model. That might be part of the plan.

    Should the phone and iPad start at 32gb? Yes. Are they unusable at 16? No.

  2. Don’t forget that most businesses and companies as well as government agencies that purchase iPhones for employees, want entry-level models and buy the 16GB models. This helps enforce personal-use policies and discourages the user from loading up business-use iPhones with videos, photos, games, apps, etc. Additionally, entry-level models purchased in bulk help meet budgetary requirements.

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