TechFan #252 – Purple

Tim has had a horrible two weeks, which is why TechFan missed a week! David and Tim discuss USB-C as a replacement to the headphone jack, Microsoft stops making new Xbox 360’s, Sony H.ear on Wireless NC Headphone, Macstock Expo,
WoW servers, and Prince. This episode of sponsored by

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Intel wants USB-C to replace the headphone jack
Blizzard: Allowing pirate WoW servers would “damage [our] rights”
Microsoft ceases Xbox 360 production
Sony H.ear on Wireless NC Headphone Newsletter for Macstock Expo Savings!

One thought on “TechFan #252 – Purple

  1. I agree that appliances aren’t made like they used to be. After we bought our house, we bought an over the stove microwave that lasted 20 years. The replacement only lived 5 years. I now buy extended warranties with each appliance. I never used to like extended warranties, but these have paid for themselves time and time again. Once a year a technician comes out to do a “well visit” on our fridge, washer, stove, microwave, and dishwasher. He replaces parts as needed and makes sure everything is in good working order. However, as part of the warranty coverage, if anything goes wrong during the year-and it has-a technician comes out and fixes/replaces parts free of charge. Buying the coverage is cheaper than buying a new appliance every 3-5 years.

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