2 thoughts on “TechFan #259 – Brexit

  1. David,
    glad your back. So sorry for your loss. My thoughts and wishes are with you and your family. Be strong.
    With Tim mentioning, I knew you were in a tough situation. Unfortunately my prayers could not prevent this.
    I myself am also in my late 40s. And though both of my parents are still with us, you need to get prepared for the inevitable.
    Keep your memories.

    I also totally agree with your Brexit discussion. Sad to here the results.
    But I think it’s the price for democracy. We have to respect the votes.
    And as much as I appreciate referendums, it is always the danger of decisions made up by short term moods, fears and personal interests without reflecting long term consequences. Though I didn’t follow the debate within your country and all the arguments that closely, I could imagine something like this to happen here in Germany as well. It’s always the danger that all sides work with fears of the people. But it’s also very difficult to cover all the facts.
    Let’s hope we find a good solution.

    Thanks Tim and David (and also Owen).
    Keep up the great podcasting!

  2. It’s foolish for you guys to get into politics on a tech show. No matter which side you take, you are effectively alienating 50% of your audience. Taking a “so be it” attitude is unprofessional and distasteful.
    Sandro Cuccia

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