TechFan #264 – Apple Anger

Time to get fed up with Apple and the insulting Mac upgrade cycle? Tim and David discuss. Also, Nintendo is releasing a mini NES, Amazon has a big problem brewing, the PocketCHIP, and magazines. Tim also finds a killer deal at

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One thought on “TechFan #264 – Apple Anger

  1. Hey guys,

    I have to comment on this episode.

    First, I can’t agree more that Apple is lagging on Mac releases. In fact, I made a tweet a couple of weeks ago that Apple needs to think different and release some new Macs for a change. (I’m sure that’s where the seed for the discussion was planted.) I don’t even think they need new models, just upgrades. When was the last time they even did that?

    They seem to be stuck on this idea that they can only release products at certain times of the year and during a keynote.

    Second, I think Apple is falling into the trap or problem of having too many products like they did in the 90’s and before Jobs came back and streamlined the product line. I know they are trying to hit different price points, but it is ridiculous. They need to stop releasing new models of the iPads and dropping the price on the old ones. It is too confusing for the average consumer. Why are they selling the Mac Mini 4th gen and still selling the Mac Mini 2? Kill the older one. If they want to have a Pro line of iPads, fine. Have the iPad Pro and the iPad. Drop the Air name.

    I think it is worse with the Macs. Why are they still selling the MacBook Air and the MacBook? Kill the Air keep the MacBook as the consumer Mac. Look at the MacBook Pro and the iMacs. You can get a retina iMac or a plain iMac, same with the MacBook Pro. Like I said, I know they are trying to have different price points, but it is out of control- in my opinion. The MacBook Pro should come retina only. That would separate it from the consumer line even more. Maybe the top of the line iMac is retina only-almost like a pro model without calling it pro.

    As of right now, the iPhone seems to have it right. However, there are rumors of a “Pro” model. Really? Have the iPhone is three screen sizes, call it the iPhone, iPhone SE, and iPhone+ and be done.

    The iPod line has it right. Shuffle (which I can’t believe they still sell), Nano, and Touch. Simple and straight forward. They need to do this across the board.

    Sorry for the lengthy comment.

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