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  1. Hey Guys,

    So I agree and disagree with David’s assessment of the iOS App Store.

    Yes, freemium games are ruining the store and the game experience. If I find a game is freemium and unplayable unless you play I immediately delete it. I will say there a few apps that are playable without paying a penny. Of course, this makes it harder to play, but it is doable. I, like you, would much rather pay full price for a game (happily) than have a freemium game.

    On a side note, I think subscription apps, especially on the Mac are very similar. I will not use Adobe products anymore due to the subscription service and have gladly paid for quality replacements. That is for another day.

    Back to the iOS store. This might not be a disagreement, but maybe more a supporting argument. To go with the freemium apps there are WAY too many. Match three style Bejeweled games in the App Store now too. Not only are there too many, but these are most of the games that Apple features on the main screen. How about some originality? How many spins can you put on a match three game? By the way, most of these a freemium too!

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