TechFan 338 – Excitingly Boring

Are cell phones boring now? Tim and David argue on opposite sides of this subject, as well as Android Wear, YouTube, HomePods, and the Intellivision.

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Android Wear is getting killed, and it’s all Qualcomm’s fault
HomePods are staining wooden tables with a white ring
Mobile World Congress: Why do smartphones look so alike?
Intellivision on Wikipedia

One thought on “TechFan 338 – Excitingly Boring

  1. I think Youtube and Twitter and Facebook worry about “freedom of speech” issues in addition to the money. I get the “morals” issue, but who’s morals? Im sure some people will find many video music videos without morals. Its a slippery slope to squelch people, because where do you draw the line. (Not that I have an answer for that.)

    On the watch, I have an LG watch and you are 100% correct. It was a gift, but I would not have purchased it. And it is SLOW!

    On Home Pod: Spent a lot of time with Home Pod at a friends house. Yes, it sounds good, but Siri was it’s typically bad self. People tried Google and Echo commands, and it fails miserably. And its cost! Seriously? And when did we decide that we don’t need stereo anymore? Strangely we al seem is happy with a single speaker now?

    My last phone was Sony Xperia Z3, and I loved it for many of the reasons you mentioned. You also did not mention Sony’s program to “transfer” you iPhone info to the Sony (and back). That was amazing. I am now on an S8 Samsung and am quite happy with how well Android works these days. I do not really miss the nonsense that is Apple.

    I had an Intelivision. It was not great, but fin at the time. But I had a prototype of something called “PlayCable.” This was a device that attached to my cable company’s cable, and for $9.95 a month, gave access to 20 or 30 games each month, some rotating out on a monthly basis. It was basically a modem and memory box that attached to the cartridge slot. When you picked a game, it downloaded it to the RAM in the modem and started that game. That was kind of cool and let me try a lot of games.

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