TechFan Podcast #150 – House of Cards

Tim and David discuss Time Warner Cable being potentially purchased by Comcast, rudeness of content owners over their own creation, Apple overtaking Microsoft in PC sales, TouchID not working correctly on an iPhone 5s, House of Cards, and much more.

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2 thoughts on “TechFan Podcast #150 – House of Cards

  1. First of all, David, there is a free Netflix trial, watch House of Cards, you’ll thank us later. Second, about hulu plus, what gets me Tim, is not the ads, it’s the fact that these Hollywood morons still don’t get it. Sometime I’m going to watch a show or a movie on my iPad and it says I can’t because it’s “web only”. What is the difference between a laptop, a desktop, or a tablet or phone, besides the flash player? IT IS STILL CONNECTING TO THE SAME SERVER VIA THE INTERNET!!!!! They just don’t get it.

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