TechFan Podcast 461 – Huawei Wireless Series S

Topics include Huawei allegations, Apple allowing external payment links in reader apps but not games, better TV options for John Nemo, Xbox Series S, selling a Mac, and is Wireless Apple CarPlay adapters finally ready for prime time?

One thought on “TechFan Podcast 461 – Huawei Wireless Series S

  1. Hey guys, heard the talk about wireless carplay. As you may remember, I tried one a while back that didn’t live up to expectations, but I have always been on the look out for something that works. About two months ago it saw this on Amazon and decided to give it a try.

    I’m happy to say I’m still using it. Is it perfect? No. However, I’d say it is close. Every now and then there is a graphic glitch that puts a solid block around the text of an icon, but swiping the screen gets rid of it. There is a slight delay when pushing icons that isn’t noticeable unless you look for it, but it does not effect functionality at all.

    Surprisingly, I’m very happy with it and love hopping in the car and not having to take the phone out of my pocket and connect it to the cable. My drive to work is under ten minutes these days, and I wouldn’t even bother connecting my phone to the cable for a drive that short. With this I don’t even think about it.

    Until Apple releases a solution, which they will have to if the portless phone rumors come true one day, this will do.

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