TechFan Podcast 471 – Peak Performance Roku

Tim and David discuss the upcoming Apple event, Roku possibly entering the actual television market, a Mac – iPad hybrid laptop, the terrible interface in streaming services, the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, and much more. 

One thought on “TechFan Podcast 471 – Peak Performance Roku

  1. Wish I could have been on to talk about the”MacPad.” Yes, that is what I am calling it. While I don’t think Apple will ever release one, I would buy one in a second -if the price was right- and sell my Mac and iPad. I use my iPad 90% of the time. I use it for gaming, making artwork, video and photo editing, and the typical internet/email stuff. The Mac is used for a few things, including teaching occasional classes over Zoom and a few photo projects that are just easier on the Mac for now. Right now I still need a Mac for those few things. If I could only have an iPad I would. However, if I could pay a little more and have a device that is both I would go for it and I think a lot of people would. If people use it more like. a Mac, like David says, that is their choice. I think people would use it more like an iPad. I know plenty of people who have both, like me, and are the iPad most of the time and go back to the Mac for typing longer items and won’t live without a Mac for that reason.

    One other quick note. I agree that iPad apps on the Mac are not always great. However, I have installed Lumafusion, a video editor, on my work computer because it is one of the best video editors out there. It is built for the iPad, but runs on the M1. Macs. It takes a little getting used, but is much better than iMovie. I think the cross platform apps will get better as time goes on. If Procreate worked on my Mac I would have that there too.


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