TechFan #266 – Glenn Reid

Tim interviews
Glenn Reid, the CEO of Marathon Laundry Machines. Glen has a fascinating history at Apple and Adobe, and he is looking to disrupt the laundry industry.

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Glenn Reid on Twitter
Raindrop Box
Marathon Laundry Machine


TechFan #249 – Angry

Tim is angry again. What else is new, right? David has a new computer! Topics include not being able to play the new Star Wars movie on a Macbook Pro, the 16GB iPhone argument continues, the FBI dropping the Apple court case, Apple blocking the music iPhone app with ads, and much more. Also, Tim and David completely forget to talk about Dawn of Justice after mentioning it at the top of the show.

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MSATA to IDE Adapter
iFixit guide to Powerbook G4 15″ Hard Drive access
TenFourFox – Modern Firefox browser for PPC
Hack Skype 2.8 (last PPC version) to keep it working
Adobe Jumps the Shark
Google’s Gmail April Fool prank backfires in spectacular style

TechFan Podcast 210 – Updates and New Stuff

Tim has an update on the mini-Arcade project. David purchased an Apple Extended Keyboard II and explains how to get it to work with a modern Mac. Adobe makes a business decision, more on streaming services and car audio, and David plays with the new MacBook.

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Not New Video Games

Selling Out – Episode #77

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David returns from Greece to join Tim in a lively number of topics, including ASMC, iPad cases, the Zagg Keys Solo, Square, Adobe, stands for your portable devices, the Quirky Converge, USB Charging cables, PadPivot, and much more. Plus, listener feedback!

OfficeMax Mesh 4-Shelf Desk Sorter
Zagg Keys Solo
How Yahoo Killed Flickr
Qmadix USB Charging-Data Sync Cable


Under the Sea – Episode 71

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David and Tim host an abbreviated TechFan this week due to technical difficulties and a storm moving in. Topics include Adobe advertising strategy, Dell departing from the cell phone business, the downward spiral of RIM, and Jeff Bezos finding the Apollo 11′s F-1 engine at the bottom of the ocean.

Bezos reports finding Apollo 11′s F-1 engines deep in the Atlantic
Adobe’s latest critical security update pushes scareware
Dell Ends Smartphone Sales in the US

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David Biedny – Episode 5

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Host Tim Robertson has an hour long chat with technologist David Biedny. Honestly, there is really no way to easily write up a “what this episode is about” here, you just have to trust us and check the show out. We go into the Microsoft / Adobe merger rumor, history of technology, and so much more.

Microsoft – Adobe Merger? – Episode 4

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Tim Robertson is joined by David Cohen and BeeJay Bhatt to look at the world of Technology. Up first, OWC Radio has continued post-Tim! BeeJay talks Android and his preference for that platform. FaceBook is discussed at length. How Tim is starting to use Social Media at MacSpecialist. And the big topic: the rumors of a Microsoft – Adobe merger!