TechFan #266 – Glenn Reid

Tim interviews
Glenn Reid, the CEO of Marathon Laundry Machines. Glen has a fascinating history at Apple and Adobe, and he is looking to disrupt the laundry industry.

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One thought on “TechFan #266 – Glenn Reid

  1. I grew up with a Sears Lady Kenmore washer dryer combination. It ran on 110V and had a gas burner to heat for the dry cycle. It was installed 11/22/1963 ,was made by Whirlpool and was also available in electric (220V) . A family of eight . It was used until 1993 having only two repairs. You loaded it,added all laundry chemicals dispensed on time,pushed the cycle and dryness wanted. It washed twice, rinsed three times spinning inbetween, shut off a minute,then dried using a sensor. The average cycle from wash through dry was eighty minutes. If this newly introduced Marathon is anywhere near my Kenmore combo, I want one. If you Google my name (Chuck Diehl) , you’ll see me in People Magazine. I collect and rebuild the old school and newer appliances. My current favorite being LG. Yours looks too much Like GEs. models which,from my own repairs history,are far from reliable. Especially in the tumble and pump issues. I hope this is the beginning of a long run for combos not only in low voltage (110V) which take hours to dry alone. However,you are not the first. Bendix introduced the “Duomatic”way back in 1953. It,like our Kenmore,came in either gas (110V), or electric. (220V). In the time between the last spin and removing the clothes to load in the dryer,most combos will have already begun drying. I’ m interested and would love to join in on selling yours to Lowes, Home Depot,and would be proud doing so. My name would help . I have lots of knowledge history and enjoy selling . Please send me as much info as possible.
    Mahalo from Hawaii!

    Chuck Diehl
    27Hualilili St
    Hilo, HA. 96720
    (808) 339-8196

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