Not Another TechFan Podcast – Episode 53

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On this episode of Not Another Tech Fan Podcast Mark is joined by Dennis Freitas, Jeff Bradbury and Kelly Spore. We discuss on this episode: G+ and social networking, Technology in education, and RANT: Our likes and dislikes at the moment

Mark can be found at and his podcast is Not Another Mac Podcast.
Dennis can be found at and his podcast is Google Plus Today.
Jeff can be found at and his podcast is TeacherCast.
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Now in 3D! – Episode 38

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David Cohen and Tim Robertson turn to the iPhone and cool apps in the first segment. The iMainGo X speaker systems gets a workout, Songify, Robot Loves Kitty, Stitcher, X-Mini II Capsule Speaker, and more. In the second segment, Netflix, Google Plus, 3D movies, a new online movie idea, and much more are talked about.