TechFan 388 – The Shack

Big video game companies screw up (shocker), Steven Spielberg yells at the clouds, Thunderbolt 3 desecrates itself by becoming USB4, and Tim and David look at RadioShack thanks to Steve Stavisky. 

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Mad March at  OWC!

Thunderbolt 3 becomes USB4
Sony begins refunding Anthem purchases
Three hours after allying with 8chan, THQ Nordic goes into full apology mode
RadioShack via Wikipedia

Now in 3D! – Episode 38

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David Cohen and Tim Robertson turn to the iPhone and cool apps in the first segment. The iMainGo X speaker systems gets a workout, Songify, Robot Loves Kitty, Stitcher, X-Mini II Capsule Speaker, and more. In the second segment, Netflix, Google Plus, 3D movies, a new online movie idea, and much more are talked about.