Jackpot! – Episode 45

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A slowish Tech week finds David still in Las Vegas. Android Tablets are discusses, as well as the possibility of Android on the HP TouchPad. Are we really in a Post-PC world, or has the PC simply evolved? We have feedback from Frank, who defends classic games as being unsophisticated as David said on the last show. Finally, Tim and David look at a handful of iOS apps, including productivity and games.

Defender of the Crown
Crimson: Steam Pirates
Siege Hero HD
Reckless Getaway
Bejeweled 2
Wyse Pocket Cloud

HP TouchPad – Cloning – Episode 41

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Tim Robertson has an HP TouchPad! Is it as good as an iPad? Should you consider buying one? Tim goes into depth after his first week with the tablet. Our new semi-regular segment Technology in the Movies kicks off with the concept of Cloning from the 1984 film Starman, staring Jeff Bridges and Karen Allen. We would love to hear your suggestions on what technologies in the movies we should talk about! Contact us below!