TechFan 361 – CD-ROM

Twitter joins in on the suspension of Alex Jones, Bethesda tramples consumer rights, hotels enforce their policies at DEFCON and Black Hat, and David and Tim look at CD-ROM and some of the most influential software from the era.

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Jackpot! – Episode 45

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A slowish Tech week finds David still in Las Vegas. Android Tablets are discusses, as well as the possibility of Android on the HP TouchPad. Are we really in a Post-PC world, or has the PC simply evolved? We have feedback from Frank, who defends classic games as being unsophisticated as David said on the last show. Finally, Tim and David look at a handful of iOS apps, including productivity and games.

Defender of the Crown
Crimson: Steam Pirates
Siege Hero HD
Reckless Getaway
Bejeweled 2
Wyse Pocket Cloud