TechFan #190 – iPhone Hack Live!

Owen joins Tim this week after his vacation. Owen is having some major Apple software problems, Tim reviews the $79 Kindle and the new Kindle Fire HD 7, and we take control of listeners iPhones! The first over-the-air iPhone Hack happens on this episode!

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Kindle Fire HD 7
HDMI Male to Female Gold Plated Connector, Mini Size

TechFan #165 – WWDC 2014 and More

Tim and David discuss what WWDC means for Apple, rather than going over each new feature introduced this week. We also delve into how the announcements and new OS’s could have a profound impact on the home console market. All that, plus an email from John Nemo sparks a discussion on in-app purchasing and how Android and Window users are getting shafted by an OPEN system.

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Acropolis – Episode #74

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Topics detour this week as Tim Robertson and David Cohen go into detail on Skydrive, Pixel Of Ink, The Geekiest Show Ever, the Samsung Wake Up promotion, Sony and the PSVita, and how you can get David to send you something for free.

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Pixel of Ink 
Ze Frank is back! 
Geekiest Show Ever #59

iPad Theft, iTunes, and eBooks – Episode 14

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Tim and David discuss adventures in catching iPad thieves. Or, more appropriately, Tim’s stupidity on said subject. iTunes turns ten years old, and we look back on a decade of ups and downs with the venerable software. Finally, Tim falls in love with Kindle! Or at least the software and book selection, and even has a ebook recommendation for you!