TechFan #154 – Online Ads

Tim and David discuss the state of advertising online and in apps. David has a new Nokia phone! Tesla is banned from selling customers cars in New Jersey. Google gets aggressive with Goole Drive. David LOVES Awkward Family Photos! iOS 7.1 is out, and the battery drain issue is discussed. All that, and much more!

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TechFan #133 – It’s The Pictures

While the new iPhones look cool, David and Tim look deeper and find the really important takeaway from the announcement. Plus, David spends time in the electronic isles that is Hong Kong, and Tim gets a new SSD in his iMac.

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Photo Booth Emergency – Episode #86

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David and Tim discuss some fun new iOS games, Emergency and Field Runners 2. We get some audio feedback from Scott Wilsey to kick of the show to discuss Twitter, and David prepares to break his Olympic records. Also, what direction should Yahoo take now that they have a new CEO? And Nokia is not looking good.

Emergency for iPad (2 or 3 only)
Field Runners 2
The Verge

A Shea of Celebration – Episode 19

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This week, David Cohen gets fed-up with celebrations! Wait, what… Also, with the Mobile Worldwide Congress is going on, and David gives his thoughts on the Microsoft / Nokia partnership. To start off the show, Tim chats with a fellow MacSpecialistKevin Shea, and discuss the idea of a podcast and asks for your advise.