TechFan #128 – Roger Hector – Seriously?!

Tim and David discuss Pacific Rim, the business of hollywood films, feedback about Android, and a special interview with video game pioneer Roger Hector to discuss Seriously?!

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1 thought on “TechFan #128 – Roger Hector – Seriously?!

  1. Hi Tim and David, I went with my five year old to see Pacific Rim because he saw the trailer and thought the robots looked cool. I have to say, yes the movie is silly, predictable, and the premise is flaky, but man was it fun to watch. I really don’t like when movie critics dump on this kind of movie. Not all movies have to be transcendent masterpieces about the human condition. Sometimes you just want to eat some overpriced and salty pop corn with your kids and family and just forget about stuff for a couple of hours. And by the way, this kind of flick give the studios the funds to be able to make the Oscar contenders the critics love so much, because most of those snobby dramas don’t make any money.

    Thanks, love the show.

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