TechFan #129 – MAME, ROMS, and Crappy Products

Tim Robertson and David Cohen discuss KickStarter, disappointing products, the legality of ROMS, Donkey Kong for the Atari 2600, Wii breakage, more on Pacific Rim, Wolverine, and some television shows David MUST  watch.

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1 thought on “TechFan #129 – MAME, ROMS, and Crappy Products

  1. Breaking Bad is amazing! I watched everything on Netflix and bought the other season on iTunes because it wasn’t available. The Walking Dead is great also, and House of Cards, which is a remake of a british series, is also very good. I would like to mention for you both, if you like mafia style shows, Boardwalk Empire. I love this era we live in, there is so much content of great quality. I remember growing up and only having four channels on the TV. If anything, now there is so much stuff you don’t know what to watch. Speaking of that, this is the thing I want someone to crack about TV, either Google or Apple or anyone. How to wrangle all this content in an efficient way, because the TV guide on the cable box is a joke.


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