TechFan 280 – Mac Users 20 Years Ago

Collecting older Aluminum Macs and a new Retro Challenge begins! Also, Tim looks at a knock-off Nike band for his Apple Watch, a portable Sega Genesis system, and we go back two decades to find out what was on the mind of the average Mac user.

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1 thought on “TechFan 280 – Mac Users 20 Years Ago

  1. Hey Guys,

    I have to comment on David’s Retro challenge. I’m going to guess it didn’t go as well as expected-depending on the apps.

    Here’s why-

    Tonight I was in my basement and wanted to watch a show over an app that needed provider authorization. I didn’t feel like running upstairs for the iPad and I remembered an old G4 iBook I had in the basement. I plugged it in, powered it up and opened Safari. I went to the authorization website and everything came to a complete stop. The website loaded and then the browser went blank. after numerous tries it finally came up, but when I went to the Verizon login page I couldn’t get it to load.

    I ended up watching something else.

    While the G4 iBook might be OK for a typing machine in Appleworks or Pages (not sure what is on there) it definitely has it limits on being useful-especially when it comes to the internet and being able to load today’s websites.

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