TechFan 340 – An Appointment to Wait

Tons of feedback this week, plus Tim visits and Apple Store, David bogs down in corporate tech, and government fines for social media sites? Pioneer Corporation is out Wikipedia segment this week!

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Facebook should have to pay a fine if it can’t get rid of bots, Democratic senator says
Clicker Heroes maker compares new lawsuit from “patent troll” to extortion
Apple devices at repair facility have called 911 over 1,500 times
Pioneer Corporation

Photo Booth Emergency – Episode #86

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David and Tim discuss some fun new iOS games, Emergency and Field Runners 2. We get some audio feedback from Scott Wilsey to kick of the show to discuss Twitter, and David prepares to break his Olympic records. Also, what direction should Yahoo take now that they have a new CEO? And Nokia is not looking good.

Emergency for iPad (2 or 3 only)
Field Runners 2
The Verge